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Dark Age Defense is a handbook or a program that teaches people the method to build infinite coils by themselves at home. 

This guide contains step-by-step instructions to obtain a secure, dependable supply of limitless renewable energy when our current power grid fails due to bad weather, armed conflict, etc.
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What is Dark Age Defense™ ?

Disasters cause panic, leading to a shortage of essential items like food, shelter, and medical care. 

The Dark Age Defense is a radical systematic book that equips you with survival tips to help you and your family manage catastrophes without panicking.

 What happens in case of a power blackout for extended periods? The DAD survival book comprises revolutionary technology to help you run your appliances and light when the power supply is cut.

The Infinity Coil technology will most likely not be available to the public for usage until the following decade, However, people may utilize this technology to assist themselves and their families in emergency situations. It is believed that Nikola Tesla’s studies in some way contributed to its invention.

Whats Inside Dark Age Defense

The main goal of Dark Age Defense is to teach you how to build your very own infinity coil to help you power your house and every electrical appliance. This infinity coil can provide electricity for an undue amount of time.

As per the guide, the first thing you should know is that the first action after a blackout should be taken within the first 30 seconds of power failure.

It will also tell you how to create a force field around your home. All of this to help you keep your family safe.

Furthermore, the technology you will use is 100% legal and long-lasting. It is also the most efficient way of powering your house and electrical appliances.

This technology is so advanced that it will also help you jumpstart dead vehicles.

Dark Age Defense will tell you how to build the perfect infinity coil for your house, and it will also tell you how to use it effectively.

Infinity coil works by gathering electricity from sir and uses that to power your house. Information about this technology dates back to the 1920s.

The”pencil trick” mentioned is one of the simplest. It will help you through the darkest times by being a beacon of light.

Dark Age Defense Bonuses

Apart from getting a 24/7 supply of power, the Dark Age Defense author provides the readers with a “compass” to ensure you have an adequate supply of necessities in case of a disaster or calamity. Thus, each purchase comes with additional bonuses, including:
  • BULLET PROOF BUGOUT : Bulletproof Bugout - To survive a catastrophic end-of-the-world scenario, a well-planned evacuation strategy is required. Staying at home during a disaster may no longer be an option. In light of this, the handbook is designed to assist people in better preparing for future disasters.
  • PRODUCE OASIS : This Dark Age Defense lesson will show visitors how to produce the food they will need to survive. Among the topics covered are the "sock fertiliser method," how to grow the most nutritious superfoods, and foods that will nourish people in any environment. With the Sock Fertiliser method, one may accelerate food development in a short period of time. To get started, all that is required is soil, ice, and an old sock. Produce Oasis contains the following information:
  • OFF GRID INDIPENDANCE : It uses real-world examples to show you seven safe havens that are not affected by Blackout Day. These have cutting-edge grids, are liberty-friendly, and will assist your family in thriving rather than just surviving. 
  • ​WATER ON DEMAND : Water is without a doubt the most important survival need. Water on Demand is a how-to guide for generating, purifying, and storing safe drinking water. You'll learn how to avoid the three most common water-buying blunders, how to detect if your water is safe, and how to manufacture simple at-home filters to remove impurities. The following are the three most typical mistakes individuals make when hunting for water during a power outage:
  • The 16-second underwater test will provide you with information on the water quality in your system during a shutdown.
  • Increase the mineral level of your water to enhance its flavour and health benefits.
  • Learn how to create a DIY Water Force Filter out of a toilet paper roll by reading this article. You may be confident that no pollutants will remain in your water after this treatment.

Dark Age Defense Benefits

Here are some benefits of using the Dark Ages Defense Program Handbook.
  • The very first thing you ought to be aware of during a blackout, per the instructions, is that you must take action within the initial 30 seconds of losing power.
  • Helps in keeping the house safe and protects it from any further power outages or any other issues.  
  • One of the easiest is the "pencil trick". It will serve as a lighthouse for you in the darkest moments.
  • ​Additionally, the technology you will employ is both enduring and entirely lawful. Additionally, it is the least  expensive way to power your home and appliances
  • It will also demonstrate how to construct a force field around your house. Your family's security is our main concern.

Buy Dark Age Defense

This company’s website is the only place where customers can purchase the Dark Age Defense Guide. On the main site you will find a list of budget deals, The guide comes with 4 different bonuses that will help you protect you and your family in case of emergency. Make sure to order dark age defense using the link below to get it from its one and only official website
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Just contact the support in case.
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Where should I Buy Dark Age Defense?

The book comes in different versions, including printed and electronic editions. You can acquire the program depending on your desires. The book can be bought through their official website at an affordable price.

How can I get instant access to Dark Age Defense?

Once you complete the payment here, an email will be sent providing details on how you can access your account to enter the Members Zone.

How can I return the product if I am not satisfied?

Dark Age Defense has a 60-day money-back guarantee. You can send a quick email to the seller within 60 days, and you will receive your refund, and you will not be asked any questions.

How much Dark Age Defense Cost?

The Dark Age Defense ebook and bonus are extremely pocket friendly. You can get these just for $67. However, after purchase, if you do not feel satisfied you can return the product within 60 days and get your money back.

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